Fama & Raadgever organ for sale

Suitable for a small hall or wide living room.

The organ was built by Fama & Raadgever in 1993 for a living room. In 2005 the organ was bought by the Redemptorists in Wittem to use it for the Gerarduskapel. To make it more suitable for the chapel the organ was: revoiced, the pedal augmented with a Subbas 16', provided with a new and bigger bellow and placed upun an apron to accomodate the new bellow and actions for the new Subbas 16'.

Manual compass C - g''', Pedal compass C - f'


Manual I      Manual II    Manual III     Pedal         Couplers
Roerfluit 8' Holpijp 8' Regaal 8'* Subbas 16'    I - III
Prestant 4' Fluit 4'     II - III
Nazard 3' Fluit 2'     Ped - I
Octaaf 2'       Ped - II
Terts 1 3/5       Tremulant
* This stop is permanently speaking!


If you are interested, you could contact:

Mr. J. de Wit


0031 43 450 1741