Customised maintenance

Effective maintenance will increase the life span of your organ. We have employees with wide experience of tuning and maintaining all sorts of instruments. You receive a free-of-charge Quick Scan in which any particular problems are analysed and a clear-cut maintenance advice is given, enabling you to make your own decision on work required. 


The first option is a tuning session. We tune according to traditional, well-tried procedures, without electronic aids. The pitch of each pipe is checked in relation to another one in order to achieve maximum stability. The pipes stay in tune longer and therefore have a longer life span.

Major maintenance

A second option is to undertake extensive maintenance. This includes thorough cleaning, repairs to the action, winding and pipes, and, where necessary, equalisation of the voicing. All this is carried out with respect for the instrument and its builder. Such major maintenance will give new life to your organ and many more years of enjoyment.